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Dog Squadron Racing:East Beach/Ledbetter
Dog Squadron Racing
East Beach

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East Beach/LedBetter Loop

The East Beach Loop is a coastal ride between Carpenteria and Santa Barbara California. The ride starts and ends with some mild rollers, while the middle of the ride takes the riders along the scenic beaches of Santa Barbara. Riders can make their turn at East Beach or stretch their morning by continuing on to Ledbetter Beach across from Santa Barbara City College.

Start at the corner of Sea Coast Way and FootHill (Hwy 192)and head North On 192

  1. Foothill to Nidever Rd
  2. L on Nidever to Via Real
  3. R on Via Real to the town of Summerland. Via Real becomes Lilly Avenue
  4. Lilly Avenue to the base of Ortega hill (The big Yellow House is your land mark)
  5. Choice: Straight over Ortega Hill (Ortega Hill Rd) or Left to the bike path
  6. Ortega Hill Rd or Bike Path to North Jameson Lane.
  7. North on North Jameson Lane to Olive Mill Rd
  8. L on Olive Mill and immediate R on Coast Village Rd
  9. Coast Village Rd to E. Cabrillo Blvd (Left Fork In Rd)
  10. Stay Left at Fork and then Straight on to East Beach.
  11. If you are feeling strong, continue to Ledbeter Beach
  12. Make a U turn and head back down Cabrillo Blvd to Channel Drive
  13. This is a nice spin around the cemetary and to the Biltmore Hotel
  14. Channel Drive becomes a bike path
  15. Bike Path becomes Channel Drive again at the bottom of the hill
  16. Channel Drive Becomes Olive Mill Road
  17. Olive Mill Road to Danielson Road
  18. R on Danielson Road becomes S Jameson Rd
  19. S Jameson Rd to Eucalyptus Lane
  20. L on Ecualyptus to N Jameson Rd
  21. N Jameson Rd to Ortega Hill rd or Bike path
  22. Either choice back to Lilly Avenue (Via Real)
  23. Via Real to Pedero Lane
  24. R on Pedero Lane to Via Real (trust me)
  25. R on Via Real To San Ynez Avenue
  26. R on San Ynez to Carpinteria Avenue
  27. L on Carp Avenue to Casitas Pass Rd
  28. Casitas Pass Rd to Foothill
  29. L on Foothill to Sea Coast Way