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Dog Squadron Racing:Ventura Short
Dog Squadron Racing
Ventura Short Route

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The short version of the Ventura Loop measures about 42 miles and presents a scenery ranging from flat strawberry fields and lemon orchards to overlooking the ocean and beachside. mostly flat, there are mild rollers that take up the middle 4 miles just to make you feel like you've earned that powerbar hardening in your back pocket

Your starting point is at the corner of Arniel Road and Ventura Blvd in Camarillo

  1. Head west down Ventura Blvd all the way to the far side of Home Depot
  2. Turn R into the parkinglot and continue straight until you hit Ventura Blvd again.
  3. Turn L on Ventura Blvd to Central Ave
  4. R on Central to Vinyard Ave
  5. R on Vinyard to Highway 118/Wells Road
  6. L on Wells to Foothill
  7. L on Foothill to Ventura High School: Foothill becomes Poli
  8. Continue on Poli (viering right and up the little hill at Pacfic Ave)all the way across town to Cedar Poli becomes Cedar when you make the right turn 1/2 mi after Ventura City Hall
  9. Continue on Cedar to E. Prospect Ave
  10. L on E. Prospect Ave to Ventura Ave
  11. L on Ventura Ave to Main St
  12. R on Main Street to the Bike Path Entrance (just after the overpass)
  13. L on the Bike Path, follow it to the far side of San Buena Ventura State Beach(San Pedro St)
  14. Straight onto Pierpont Blvd to Peninsula St.(This is part of the Bike Route)
  15. L on Peninsula to Sea Horse
  16. R on Sea Horse to Oyster
  17. L on Oyster to Seaveiw Ave(if you're a chile of the 60s,look for Admiral Nelson)
  18. R on Seaview to Beachmont (T-intersection)
  19. R on Beachmont (consider stopping at the harbor shop for water)
  20. Beachmont becomes Anchors Way to Navigator Dr
  21. L on Navigator to Spinaker Dr
  22. L on Spinaker to Harbor Blvd
  23. R on Harbor Blvd to Gonzales Rd
    (This ride can be extended an additional 12 miles by following the "extension" directions from this point on)
  24. L on Gonzales Rd to Rice Ave
  25. R on Rice Ave to Sturges Rd
  26. L on Sturges Rd to Pleasant Valley Rd
  27. L on Pleasant Valley to Las Posas Rd
  28. L on Las Posas Rd to Ventura Blvd
  29. R on Ventura Blvd back to Arneil


  1. R on Harbor Blvd to Channel Islands: Just stay to the left on the bridge and it merges
  2. Channel Islands to Ventura Road
  3. R on Ventura Road to Hueneme Rd
  4. L on Hueneme Rd to Perimater Road (By the ANG Base)
  5. R on Perimater Road around NAS Point Mugu to Las Posas Road
  6. L on Las Posas Rd to Ventura Blvd
  7. R on Ventura Blvd back to Arneil