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Moorpark Loop

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The Moorpark Loop pretty much feels as though you spend the day climbing, but there are two outstanding downhill sections that make life worth living. Early season or mid-summer, this can be a challanging training ride.

Start: At the corner of Walker and Harnell in Camarillo, California

  1. Head North on Walker to Temple (dead ends at Temple)
  2. L on Temple to Ponderosa
  3. R on Ponderosa to Adolfo Road
  4. R on Adolfo Road to Santa Rosa Road
  5. L on Santa Rosa Road to Moorpark Road (about 7 Mi)
  6. A careful left on to Moorpark Road to Tierra Rejada
  7. L on Tierra Rejada to Spring Road
  8. R on Spring Road to High Street
  9. L on High Street to Moorpark Ave (Walnut Canyon Road)
  10. R on Moorpark Ave (Walnut Canyon Road) to Broadway (about 2.2mi)
  11. L on Broadway to the Broadway/Grimes Canyon fork
  12. Stay Left and continue on Broadway to Stockton Road (forced Right)
  13. Stockton (nice climb with an outstanding downhill) to Balcom Canyon Road
  14. R on Balcom Canyon
  15. After a while of climbing you'll go past the dog kennel and have a short-steep incline afterwhich you get to go down for a bit. During the decent you'll see a sign for R turn to Balcom Canyon....Ignore IT! Go straight and the road becomes Bradley Road.
  16. a couple of short climbs on Bradley and then a real long decent (time to give all the altitude you gained back) to CA 118
  17. L on CA 118 to North Street
  18. R on North Street to far side of Somis School and turn R
  19. Pass the Baseball Fields and Church and follow the crappy road back to Somis Road
  20. R on Somis Road to Adolfo
  21. R on Adolfo and take the first L (Marco)
  22. Marco to Stiles
  23. R on Stiles to Eston St
  24. L on Eston to the bike path past the Tennis Courts
  25. Cut through the park to the pool parking lot back out to Temple Ave
  26. L on Temple to Walker
  27. R on Walker and enjoy the coast on home