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Dog Squadron Racing
Dog Squadron Racing
Point Mugu Loop
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The Mugu Loop is a flat ride for those mornings you just don't feel like riding, but need to spend some time on your bicycle anyway.

Start: At the corner of Walker and Harnell in Camarillo, California

  1. Head South on Walker to Dumetz Street.
  2. L on Dumetz to Merrit Ave
  3. R on Merrit to Lewis Rd
  4. R on Lewis Road (careful at all of the intersections) to Pleasant Valley Rd
  5. R on Pleasant Valley and just sit in for the next 6 or 8 miles to S. Rice Rd
  6. The turn is just over the crest of the bridge going over PCH and there's usually Traffic
  7. L on S. Rice Rd to Hueneme Rd (T intersection)
  8. L on Hueneme rd to Naval Air Road
  9. R on Naval Air Rd and follow it until it ends at Las Posas Rd (far side of the Navy base)
  10. L on Las Posas Rd back to Hueneme Rd
  11. R on Hueneme Rd (becomes Lewis Rd at bridge)
  12. Stay on Lewis Rd past the University until you are back to Merrit Ave
  13. L on Merrit (careful about crossing traffic on Lewis)
  14. Imediate L on Dumetz and continue to Walker
  15. R on Walker back to the start and the end of a nice 23.5 mi