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Santa Rosa Valley Ride
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Santa Rosa

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Santa Rosa Valley

Got an hour or so after work for a quick ride? Then this is one is perfect for you. The ride through Santa Rosa Valley can be best described as rolling, with a nice little incline at the mid-point. So what we end up with is a nice climb through the valley and a fast return before the sun goes down.

Make your way to the corner of Lewis Road and Adolfo Road in Camarillo.

  1. Head East on Adolfo to Pleasant Valley/Santa Rosa Road (PV becomes SR at this intersection)
  2. L on Santa Rosa for the next 10 miles. Be aware that at about the 4 mile mark the shoulder narrows for a few hundred yards and you share with the cars. Once the shoulder is re-established, it is wide and smooth the rest of the way.
    Along the way you'll get to see several types of farms, nursaries, million dollar homes, twenty dollar homes, and where to pick up that day laborer that you've always wanted.
    When you finally reach the hill that seems like a hill (about the 9 mile mark) you'll climb past the school to the light at Santa Rosa and Moorpark Road. This is the turn around
  3. Turn around and go back the way you came
  4. If you still have some daylight and feel like another climb, turn right on Upland road and follow it back to the intersection of Lewis and Las Posas Road (Upland changes it's name at this intersection).
  5. Turn L on Lewis to Adolfo and you're done. Make your own way home