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Dog Squadron Racing
Dog Squadron Racing
Somis Loop
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The Somis Loop

The Somis Loop is a nice mixture of flat riding and rolling hills. The mid-point of the ride looks over the Oxnard Plains and on clear mornings presents an impressive view of San Nicholas and Anacapa Islands.

Start: At the corner of Walker and Harnell in Camarillo, California

  1. Head North on Walker to Temple (dead ends at Temple)
  2. L on Temple to Ponderosa
  3. R on Ponderosa to Las Posas Road
  4. R on Las Posas Road to Lewis (Somis) Road
  5. L on Lewis (Somis) Road to CA118 (LA Avenue)
  6. L on CA 118 to Bradley Road
  7. R on Bradley to Berylwood
  8. L on Berylwood to Aggen Rd
  9. R on Aggen Rd follow the road around the bend: Becomes La Loma
  10. Follow La Loma through the twists and sharp turns. At the natural gas station take the L fork
  11. Road is now La Vista. Follow to CA118
  12. R on CA118, down the hill to the stop light - Continue straight. Road becomes Santa Clara
  13. Santa Clara to Central Avenue
  14. L on Central Avenue, over the freeway (in a bit) to W. Ventura Blvd
  15. L on Ventura Blvd all the way to Home Depot (turn R through the parking lot until you hit Ventura Blvd Again)
  16. L on Ventura Blvd to Arneil Road
  17. L on Arneil Road to Loma Vista (or Berry if you miss Loma Vista)
  18. R on Loma Vista to Fulton
  19. L on Fulton to Dumetz
  20. R on Dumetz to Walker Ave
  21. A happy little spin (or sprint if you are HMCD) to the starting point and you are done