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Dog Squadron Racing:Thousand Oaks Loop
Dog Squadron Racing
Thousand Oaks

Still Working On The Pictures

This loop used to be The CUnit's bike commute for work. If you like to climb and the rewards that follow, you'll love this weekend morning jaunt.

Start: At the corner of Adolfo Road and Lewis Road in Camarillo, CA

  1. Head East on Adolfo to Santa Rosa Road
  2. L on Santa Rosa Road to Moorpark Road (about 7 Mi)
    It's a combination of rollers and a mile grade until the end. Then you get a short climb up to Santa Rosa School. Past the school you'll come to the Moorpark road intersection
  3. At the light continue straight (Santa Rosa becomes Moorpark). Here you start a 6% grade for a little over a mile.
  4. At the top, continue down to Lynn Road
  5. R on Lynn to Hillcrest (about 3 or 4 mi of short climbs and fast decents) Careful, this is a heavily traveled road without a bike lane
  6. R on Hillcrest to Wendy Drive
  7. L on Wendy to Old Conejo Road (just over the freeway overpass)
  8. R on Old Conejo to Reno Road (Water Stop at PepperTree Park!!)
  9. L on Reno Road to Lynn Road (yes, you can skip all of the twists and turns by just staying on Lynn ...if you are in real good shape)
  10. R on Lynn and start climbing (Lynn becomes Portrero Road). At the top use your head. It's a twisting 7% downhill with cactus on the side of the hill
  11. Continue on Portrero out of the canyon, past Cal State Channel Islands to Lewis Road
  12. Make a decision to go 36 miles or 42 miles for the day
  13. For 36 miles, turn right and head back to your starting point
  14. For 42 turn left and head for Las Posas Road
  15. R on Las Posas and follow the road all the way around town to Lewis Road
  16. R on Lewis to the starting point. Make your own way back home from there