Dog Squadron Racing
About DSR


Dog Squadron Racing is a family. No, not the kind of family that people in clubs say that they are; we are a real family: Same two parents and everything! If you are a member of DSR, you get to call our mom Duchy and we expect birthday greetings on an annual basis. From oldest to youngest we have:


John aka "Herr Direktor" aka "HD"

John got back on a bicycle in September of 2002. He's still hooked on cycling today, even after being hit by a car in the 2006 STP. John returned to Seattle in 2007 and rode all 208 miles for his first completion. Here we are 4 years and 4 more finishes later and he's still at it. Not bad for a soon to be retired old git.

Sylvia aka "Her Royal Highness" aka "HRH"

Having been dropped on her head repeatedly (by HD), Sylvia lives in her own little kingdom, referring to herself as we and ourself. In her life she has been Gidget, a hippy, a yuppie Nazi aerobics instructor, and now a cycling princess. She has had so many different personalities that she is never riding alone.

Vegas Century

Dave aka "His Most Coolness" aka "HMCD"

HMCD is….well different. He was "born" somewhere in New Mexico about the same time as the Roswell incident. Our parents raised him as one of their own. While he has assimilated to human lifestyles, he does slip now and again with phrases such as "my human family" and "you carbon beings". One thing Dave loves is fine pens. The good thing for him is that CUnit is a pen maker because he eats them almost as fast as CUnit turn them out.


Ernie aka "The Chief" aka "Fester"

The Chief always considered himself to be the model for Sgt. Rock of Marvel Comics. As it is, he ended up retiring from the Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant. His specialty was Explosive Ordnance Disposal. During the first Gulf War he absorbed so much depleted Uranium that fluorescent lights flicker when he walks into his office. Then again, he provides a nice warm glow on early morning rides so it's not wasted.

Mary Francis aka "Cleanfreak" aka "MF" (No Pictures Are Available Due to Threats on The CUnit's Physical Well Being!)

Mary doesn't ride, but she's our sister so waddya gonna do? She does rate as the second best grandma in the world (hey it's my Web site). Her aversion to bikes came from an accident when she was 11 or 12 that involved a handlebar ride and ejection into a wood chipper. She went away with HMCD for a few days and when she came home she was good as new….aside from the side band frequencies that occasionally open nearby garage doors.

New Bike

Chris aka "The CUnit"

All of the brothers and sisters insist Mom and Dad found Chris in a lima bean patch in Camarillo, CA. The youngest of the crew and a one-time bike shop owner, Chris started everyone with a little taste and kept it up until cycling was a full blown addiction. Today Chris doesn't ride as much as he did. A mountain bike accident gave him bobble head which tends to fall off when he rides too much.

Honorable Mentions

We had more regular members: Andrew aka "Andrewl" aka "The Black Footed Ferret" aka "Back Seat Boy", John's son; Matt aka "Matt Dog", HMCD's replicant; and Christine aka "Auntie Chris", HMCD's wife. The boys have grown and gotten their licenses and Auntie Chris only togs out when HMCD gets too big for his britches, so no pictures for them.